Friday, 8 February 2013

Petronas Towers and rain for hours in Kuala Lumpur

So apart from the famous twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, we have not really been bowled over with this city and perhaps the heavy rain has not helped either. It is like the poorer brother to Singapore. Not as big, not as clean, not as easy, not as beautiful, not as wealthy. Although to be fair, it does feel more like a real city rather than a toy town.

Getting ready for Chinese New Year
3D mural in temple
We enjoyed the obligatory mooch around China Town, Central Market and a Hindu temple and then headed towards the bird park where we spent a couple of hours admiring amorous peacocks and dodging bird poo.

In the evening we headed over to the iconic twin towers, two stunning 88 floor structures built by the oil company, Petronas. Whilst they are not now the worlds tallest buildings ( I think that title is held in Dubai) they are really quite beautiful and so we headed toTraders Hotel Skybar opposite and sunk a few cocktails while savouring the view and ambience. It was a good job that I hadn't been drinking for five weeks as the price of the drinks was likely to sink the budget.
Gorgeous display.

The smile of a tipsy tee-totaller.
Day two was blighted by heavy rain in the morning and foiled our plans to go to the Batu caves, just outside the city. Instead we waited a while and then decided on a good rainy day activity by heading to the mall and going to the aquarium.


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