Thursday, 21 February 2013

You wan massaa in Sihanoukville?

This repetitive phrase has been the only blight on a delightful five days at Otres Beach in Sihanoukville. Followed shortly with... "You wan pedicure? Manicure?" When you've politely declined all three with a solid "no thank you", the girls which offer this service start to look closely at your only marginally hairy legs and armpits and in Rob's case, quite hairy chest, and suggest they can remove the hair by threading. Some even sit beside you and start to check by rubbing a finger on your leg to prove they need some attention. Oh to give a girl or very hairy man a complex! That said, we have seen lots of women having hair removed, even the bikini line in this rather public domain. Also touting along the beach are numerous sellers offering bracelets, sunglasses (even if you're wearing a pair), langoustine, a selection of fruit, doughnuts and freshly barbecued squid.

Gorgeous sunsets
We've spent days on the beach, walking, reading and relaxing and evenings watching the sunsets and eating and drinking at low-key beachfront joints with the waves lapping inches from our feet. Bliss!

Our well travelled backgammon set
Our backgammon championship is still under way with the score sitting at 21-19 to me (Sonja) and we have decided to learn some new card games as gin rummy is quickly becoming a bore.



My career at pool is not going well, especially under the influence of alcohol and the "winner stays on" rule, but Rob has left me a snooker widow as he keeps on winning, staying on the table to beat all the contenders. Bandit!

Pool bandit
Cow on the beach

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